What is Rooting ? Basic Things To Know ;


Rooting Android: What Is it?

If you've heard about "rooting" your Android phone, and are confused by what exactly it does, or don't understand the instructions you found on an obscure forum or blog post somewhere, this guide might help you make sense of things.

What Is "Rooting"?

In simple terms, Rooting is a process of unlocking your Android phone which lets you conquer the limitations that the carrier or the manufacturer of your phone has imposed upon it.
These limitations are placed to prevent you from making changes to the system – which can accidentally render it unusable if you don't know what you are doing . Rooting allows you more control over your device and vastly extends the functionality, even giving you the option of using a custom version of Android.
Now, there’s a lot of confusion between rooting your Android phone and flashing a custom ROM. Rooting and installing a custom ROM are totally different from each other.

To put it simply, rooting is modifying your phone’s operating systems to gain full control over it. On other hand, flashing a custom ROMs is simply installing a modified operating system to your phone. It’s still Android but a modified one courtesy of  some tech geeks who managed to tweak the Android SDK.

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